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The action of the game is set in Carcer City, where the authorities are bribed by people such as Starkweather and allow them to hold the aforementioned manhunts. On the streets of this “fallen” city players help James Earl Cash survive, fight different gangs and “hunters”. The actions of the main protagonist are recorded by Starkweather’s hidden cameras. The game delivers solid 3D visuals, and the grim surroundings, featuring the city and particular buildings, are bound to terrify the players and make them feel trapped. The audio layer of the game also presents decent quality.

Gameplay mainly revolves around sneaking past consecutive locations, avoiding direct confrontation, and eventually, eliminating the enemies threatening the main protagonist. In order to succeed, you have to pay attention to the shadows that provide you with necessary cover and the sounds that might alarm you of the incoming threat (they are represented as red impulses on the radar). After you decide to kill someone, you can do it in many different ways e.g. slitting one’s throat with a garrote, strangle someone with a plastic bag, break opponent’s neck with a special grip, smashing his head with a brick, and using a firearm that you can find on your way. Nonetheless, during the initial stages of Manhunt for PC, PS2 and etc. players have to cope with all the threats using their own hands, bats, smashed bottles, etc. Each murder is assigned a level of brutality (one of three possible).


Minimal requirements:

Processor: 1.5GHz Pentium 4 / Athlon MP

Graphics: GeForce 8100 / Radeon X300

Memory: 256 MB

Disk space: 2.3 GB

System: Windows XP