White Noise 2

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During the game the players assume the role of investigators who are trying to find all record tapes hidden in the game world. This will help them discover who, or what, is haunting the place. What makes the task more difficult is the fact that the action takes place in almost complete darkness, the players are equipped only with flashlights and a terrifying monster follows them.

When joining the game, player can assume the role of one of four investigators and he can try finding the cassettes with recordings. He can also become the monster and hunt the remaining players. When playing as the monster, the player must kill all four detectives and the only thing that threatens him is light that teleports him away from the victim. Luckily, the monster has additional special skills (for example, teleportation, light resistance or the possibility to switch places with the victim) and totems. The latter can be placed in the game world and used to cause the investigators to panic. The totems also enable the monster to see his victims through walls.

When playing as the investigator, the player can use almost nothing but the flashlight. In addition to lighting the way, the tool can temporarily scare away the monster. The problem is that the battery can run low very quickly and prolonged contact with the monster can cause a panic attack, making the human a utterly vulnerable. Usually, being caught 2-3 times ends in death. In dire situations the player can use health kits, painkillers and a few other gadgets. What makes things interesting is the fact that death doesn’t mean the end for the player – after dying he becomes a ghost and can use new abilities to help remaining players until they win or are all killed. In addition to that, by progressing in the game the player can unlock new playable characters and better flashlights, for example with better battery.

Minimal requirements:

Processor: Dual Core

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Disk space: 1 GB

System: Windows XP SP3