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Mining without using GamerHash application


XMRig AMD (Monero) -

Claymore's Dual (Ethereum) -

Claymore's Dual Ethereum (Ethereum Classic) -



Z-enemy (Ravencoin) -

Claymore's Dual (Ethereum) -

Claymore's Dual Ethereum (Ethereum Classic) -

BMiner (AEternity) -

Other miners for given cryptocurrencies should work fine, but we have not tested them.


What worker name should I set?

Your worker name should be your name in GamerHash, then the # sign and the name you want to give your machine. For example GamerHash#Machine1

What are the addresses of the pools?

RavenCoin - stratum+tcp://
Ethereum - stratum+tcp://
Ethereum Classic - stratum+tcp://
AEternity - stratum+tcp://
Monero - stratum+tcp://

Which ASIC machines do you support?

At the moment we support ASIC machines using SHA 256 algorithm.

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