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The basis of the game is a completely new, expanded campaign, full of sudden twists and risky decisions. This time, we assume the role of a coach of one of the oldest and most prominent teams of the Old World – Reikland Reavers, the pride of all humans. The general concept of the game, however, remains unchanged. As a manager, we will have to determine the composition of the team and play matches with new opponents, while bearing in mind that each race has its strengths and weaknesses. Apart from the right tactics we will be able to make use of a sizeable arsenal of weapons and other improvements, making it much easier to turn the tide of the game in our favor. In addition to the story campaign, Blood Bowl II also offers a league mode, which allows us to create our own team and stadium from scratch.

While creating the game, the authors paid attention to the fans’ suggestions. For the purpose of the sequel a completely new graphics engine was created, whose abilities significantly improved the visual quality of the game and its animations. A new dynamic camera system was also implemented. Our actions are accompanied by a live commentary from a unique yet likeable duo, consisting of vampire Jim Johnson and ogre Bob Bifford. The game’s interface, broadcasts and the action replay system were prepared in a distinctive style of CabalVision – the official Blood Bowl television.


Minimal requirements:

Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core

Graphics: 256 MB

Memory: 256 MB

System: Windows XP

Disk space: 400 MB