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Recommending system

The affiliate GamerHash program allows you to earn additional funds by recommending GamerHash application to other people. Such funds are granted to Users who recommend GamerHash application to other people who install the application and start mining cryptocurrency with the use of it and/or perform quests available on Play&Earn.


The bonus resulting from the recommendation of a new User of GamerHash application is given to both persons recommending the application and persons accepting recommendations according to the following scheme.


Bonus for a person recommending the application:

  • $1 for the first $5 gained by a person invited to Play&Earn
  • $0.2 for the first $2 mined by a person invited

Bonus for a person accepting recommendation:

  • a welcome gift worth 400 Satoshi will be delivered to you when you turn on the application
  • an additional month of GamerHash MAX i.e., you will earn 100% for the next 60 days


Recommending GamerHash as part of the affiliate program is carried out via the affiliate link to be downloaded from the left panel in Dashboard:

Or by going to a website dedicated to the affiliate program:

A report on recommendations from a given account is available under the statistics tab.

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