What does mining mean?

In simple terms, mining is a creation process of new cryptocurrency units.
For this operation, we need so-called miners on our PCs.
GamerHash app is managing the miners that are working for you in a way that is the most profitable.

How much can you earn?

A lot. Yet, it is not easy to be more specific because there are many factors involved.
How much you will mine depends on your hardware, current cryptocurrencies prices, and electricity costs.
GamerHash makes sure that the value of the mined crypto is the most profitable and always uses the most appropriate miner.

Is mining profitable?

Yes, although how much, depends on many factors, most of them listed above.

How to mine?
To mine, usually two types of equipment is being used: graphic cards ofeten combined into so-called rigs and dedicated miners - devices specially designed to mine crypto.
- We can regulate the mining performance,
- Relatively quiet ,
- Doesn't need any configuration (GamerHash app does all the work)
ASIC miner/Mining Rig
- High performance,
- Loud and high electricity usage,
- Configuration needed,
- Made for crypto mining

Download GamerHash App for PC...

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  2. Run Benchmark
  3. Name your device
  4. Start earning!
...or connect ASIC/Mining Rig
Profitability calculator
You earn bitcoins. When BTC exchange rate goes up, your profit automatically increases.
7x GPU
Crypto exchange rates are independent of GamerHash operations, the estimation is purely for illustrative purposes
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