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How GamerHash works?

Do you have a gaming computer worth several thousand PLN and you play on it on average a few hours a day? And the computer is not used for the remaining several hours a day. If so, during this time it could earn you up to several hundred PLN a month, and even after a year it may pay for itself.

How is it possible? You have probably heard of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Although the era of Bitcoin mining on ordinary computers passed a few years ago, other cryptocurrencies are still being mined using graphics cards. There are over a thousand of them, there are dozens of programs for their mining in different versions, so you can fail at the configuration stage already as it is not easy.

And here GamerHash comes to the rescue. You register, download the application, switch on and earn. You do not need to know anything about cryptocurrency mining.


We pay you in Bitcoin for every minute of the work of your computer. You can pay out the collected funds in Bitcoins to your external wallet or make a quick exchange for products available in our store e.g., games, top-ups, gift cards.

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