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My key does not work

If you get a message about a wrong key or duplicate key when trying to activate, don't worry. Report it to us via the complaint form. Before creating a ticket, please make sure that:

  • you activate a game on the appropriate platform e.g., if a game code is on, it will not work on Steam and vice versa,
  • Paysafecard instead of a code (e.g., Valorant) – pay attention to the product description,
  • double check that the code you entered is correct.


ATTENTION! The method for reporting a problem with a purchased key, as described below, is the only way to get help from GamerHash team in a reported case.


Go to Orders panel:


Select the order for which the broken key has been received and click “Report a problem” button to the right of the key:


Then complete the form in which you must provide:

  • the reason of reporting a problem,
  • enclose relevant screenshots (jpg, png, min 200x200px files),
  • optionally, describe the situation.


Pay attention to what screenshots are requested. You can also find this information under the window to which you should drag screenshots.


After completing the form, click “Submit” button. Your report will go directly to GamerHash team. Our team will contact you in case of any additional questions.


When the problem is clarified, you will receive information on how to solve the reported problem.

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