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How to earn with PLAY&EARN in GamerHash app?

Available Play&Earn tasks


Install GamerHash app
+ 3 GHX
Confirm your email
+ 3 GHX
Secure your account with 2FA
+ 4 GHX
Mine your first funds
+ 6 GHX
  1. 1. Register your GamerHash account HERE
  2. 2. Download and install GamerHash desktop app from HERE. It's available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  3. 3. Open "Install GamerHash" task and click "Earn your $0,4

Download GamerHash for PC...

PC App
  1. Download and install GamerHash from the link below
  2. Run Benchmark for the first time
  3. Name your device
  4. Name your device
  5. Start mining!

Use received funds in GamerHash store

Using Gamerhash Store is a convenient way to spend Bitcoins earned with our app. Enjoy Netflix, the newest games, prepaid cards and more!