Data safety policy

  1. The Privacy Policy informs of the objectives, bases and methods of processing personal data of Users of GamerHash (further: Website) through CoinAxe Limited liability company with its registered office in Poznan, and the User rights concerning the processing of their personal data.
  2. Processing personal data shall be understood as all operations done on personal data, their gathering, perpetuating, storing, downloading, viewing, using, sending, deleting or destroying.
  1. The administrator of Users’ personal data is CoinAxe Limited liability company with its registered office in Poznan (61-575), on 7/12 Św. Czesława street (further: CoinAxe), registered in the entrepreneur register of the National Court Register under the number: 0000702796, e-mail address: [email protected]
  2. The following data is processed:
    1. personal data given to CoinAxe by the User during the process of registration, or as an effect of User’s contact with CoinAxe (a message sent by the User to an e-mail address or to CoinAxe office address),
    2. personal data collected by CoinAxe during the User’s use of the Website, including the process of downloading the Application, i.e. in particular the data concerning the time and frequency of logging on the Website, type of browser used by the User, used device’s IP address, IP address, type and parameters of the device on which the Application has been installed, data concerning the transaction of exchanging the Cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, Bitcoin withdrawal or exchange, done in accordance with the conditions defined in the Website Terms and Conditions, including the transaction’s conditions,
    3. personal data collected by CoinAxe through Cookies and other similar technologies, i.e. in particular Google Analytics,
    4. personal data collected as a part of organized competitions.
  3. The personal data are processed in order to register the User and for the follow-up maintenance of the User’s account, including the transaction history, transaction execution: exchanging a Cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, withdrawing Bitcoin, exchanging Bitcoin for products on the Website, in order to achieve a legitimate interest of CoinAxe, i.e. building the image of CoinAxe through a contact with the User (User’s queries concerning the functionalities of the Website, reporting technical problems) and a possibility to demonstrate the validity of transaction’s execution, and in case of separate consent of the User, sending trade offers for marketing purposes, and organization and resolution of competitions.
  4. The basis of personal data processing is:
    1. a consent of the User in terms of: registration and follow-up maintenance of the account, including the transaction history, marketing activities, sending trade offers, organization and resolution of competitions, using Cookies and other analytic tools,
    2. execution of the agreement in terms of: exchanging a Cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, withdrawing Bitcoin, exchanging Bitcoin for products on the Website,
    3. justified interest of CoinAxe in terms of: building CoinAxe’s image through the contact with the User (answering User’s questions), demonstrating the validity of transaction’s execution,
    4. legal provision in terms of the settlement of competitions,
    5. moreover, the basis of the execution of personal data processing can be:

    6. e. the execution of legal obligation imposed on CoinAxe, i.e. in particular transferring the personal data and information of their processing to appropriate national authorities, including law enforcement and tax and treasury authorities.
  5. User personal data will be processed for a duration of:
    1. until the moment of the withdrawal of User’s consent for: User account maintenance, personal data processing for marketing purposes, sending trade offers, participating in competitions and for the duration of the limitation period of possible claims resulting from personal data processing, until the moment of consent withdrawal,
    2. execution of transactions and for the duration of the limitation period of possible claims resulting from transactions,
    3. until the depletion of User’s query directed to CoinAxe in a comprehensive manner,
    4. until the end of the duration of the limitation period of the tax obligation concerning the competition’s winnings,
    5. until the moment of the execution of legal obligation imposed on CoinAxe, the depletion of queries of the appropriate national authorities, including law enforcement and tax and treasury authorities.
  6. User Personal Data will be transferred to the following categories of recipients: programmers, analysts, subjects providing communication tools, subjects offering marketing tools.
  7. User Personal Data will be transferred beyond the European Economic Area, i.e. to the United States of America, as a part of transferring the personal data to the recipients, referred in point 5 above. The recipients ensure appropriate level of protection of transferred personal data, by using appropriate technical and organizational means, including the accession to the Privacy Shield agreement.
  8. Providing the personal data by the User is voluntary, however in case of not providing them it will not be possible to register and maintain a User account, execute transactions, send marketing information and trade offers, take part in competitions, contact CoinAxe. Providing personal data for the settlement of competitions is obligatory and results from the provisions of law in force.
  1. The User has a right to access the data, to correct, delete, restrict the processing, making a statement of opposition to processing and a right to personal data portability, with the proviso that the personal data portability right only concerns the data processed in a completely automated way.
  2. In case of the basis of User personal data processing being the User’s consent, the User can at any time withdraw their consent, without prejudice to personal data processing done before the consent withdrawal.
  3. In case of violation of User personal data, the User has a right to make a complaint to an appropriate supervisory authority.
  4. To demand the use of the rights described in the points 1-2 above, the User needs to send a message to the e-mail address: [email protected]
  1. The User personal data processing is done according to adequacy, desirability and minimalism rules, in the within the scope necessary for the correct functioning of the Website and the Application, including the improvement of their functionalities, proper performance of the reciprocal contract between the User and CoinAxe, concerning the download of the Application, proper execution of exchanging a Cryptocurrency to Bitcoin, withdrawing Bitcoin or exchanging Bitcoin, and with the objective of adequate protection of rights and interests of CoinAxe and Users.
  2. CoinAxe exercises due diligence so that the processed data are correct in substance and current. The substantial validity and timeliness of data depends largely on the Users. The Users should immediately inform CoinAxe about any changes concerning their data.
  3. The User data processing is done with the utmost care for its safety, using appropriate organizational and technical means. In the light of the development of modern technology, and a possibility of third party unlawful activities that violate the Users’ interests, providing absolute safety, inviolability and integrity of data is not possible. The Users are aware of this risk and accept it.
  4. Personal data is processed in an automatic way, using CoinAxe software. The automatic processing is done to optimize the results of Cryptocurrency acquisition by the Device, on which the Application has been installed.
  1. CoinAxe uses Cookies.
  2. Cookies are IT data, in particular test files, stored on User devices and intended for the use of websites. These files let the website recognize the device of the User and appropriately display the website adjusted for their personal preferences. The default parameters of Cookies let their information be read only by the server that created them. Cookies usually contain the name of the website of their origin, the duration of their storing on the end device, and their unique number.
  3. Cookies are used to adjust the content of the website according to User’s preferences, and to optimize the website itself. Furthermore, Cookies are used to create anonymous, collective statistics, which make it possible to check the way of using the website by the User, which makes it possible to improve the content and structure of the Website, excluding the personal identification of the User.
  4. The software used to browse websites allows for storing Cookies on the end device by default. These setting can be changed in a way, that blocks the automatic operation of Cookies in the settings of the web browser, or to inform the User after each instance of sending them on their device. Detailed information concerning the possibilities and methods of using Cookies are available in the software settings (of the web browser). Restricting the use of Cookies may affect some of the functionalities on the website.
  5. Taking into consideration the duration of storing them on the User’s device, we distinguish:
    1. Temporary Cookies – so-called first part cookies, stored only for the duration of using the web browser – session, they are deleted after closing it,
    2. External Cookies – so-called third part cookies, placed by third party subjects, whose website components were induced by the website.
  6. The data is only collected by Cookies to perform the specific functions for the User. The data is encrypted in such a way, that the unauthorized people do not have access to it.
  7. Cookies can be manager from the level of the web browser.
The e-mail address appropriate for contact on all matters concerning the User data, including the provisions of the Privacy Policy, is the following: [email protected]
  1. CoinAxe has a right to change the Privacy Policy, with the proviso that making the changes will be done with due diligence to maintain the safety of processed personal data, by using technical and organizational safeguards, appropriate for the personal data threats identified by CoinAxe.
  2. Information about the change of Privacy Policy will be forwarded to the User after their firs logging on the Application after the change of the Privacy Policy, in a form of a message.
  3. The User is obliged to review the changed Privacy Policy. Accepting the changed Privacy Policy is a condition of the further use of the User’s account on the Website. In case on not accepting the changed Privacy Policy, the User Account will be deleted.

last update: 25 May 2018