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GamerCoin (GHX) bonus

The GamerCoin (GHX) bonus lasts for a whole month, it is activated every day at random and lasts until the daily bonus pool is exhausted. 

The bonus amounts to 20% of mining revenues and is calculated only from funds mined while the bonus is active. The maximum bonus that a single User can receive in one day is the equivalent of 5 USD in Tokens.

The total monthly bonus pool, available to all Users, does not exceed a specific number of tokens established in the regulations. This pool is divided into daily pools. After the bonus pool for a given day is exhausted, no further bonus is calculated.

To ensure fairness among Users, 90% of the available monthly bonus Token pool is reserved for Users who mine cryptocurrencies using GPU/CPU.

You can use your accumulated GHX in our store to buy games and prepaid codes. For example Roblox Cards or The Witcher 3 GOTY. Check out how you can get them for free! 

If you want to withdraw your money to Metamask wallet check how to do it.

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