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User’s email address

Important: in case of loss of access to the email box for which the Account was set up, GamerHash cannot change this address in the system. To regain access, contact the support services of your email box provider.

Email verification

The verification of the email address for which the Account has been set up is one of the basic mechanisms of securing the Account. Until the email address is verified, it is impossible to exchange in GamerHash Store and to pay out mined funds. However, it is possible to use the application, i.e., mine cryptocurrencies and carry out Play&Earn quests.

The verification message is sent automatically to the email address provided during account registration. In the first window after setting up the Account, it is possible to change the email address and resend a message with an activation link.

NOTE: if an activation email has not reached the inbox, check Spam directory. If you have not found it in your inbox, received an activation email or you have been unable to activate the Account for another reason, please send us a request to resend an email message.

 When you click “Confirm your email address” button, the Account is activated in the following message:


If your email address is not confirmed, then after signing in to the Account, the Dashboard will display the following message reminding you to confirm your email address:


Email address change

Important: in order to change your email address, it is necessary to have access to the valid email box to which the Account is currently registered.

It is possible to change your email address for which the Account has been registered. It should be done from the level of the Account settings, first click “Change” button next to the box with the valid email address, and then click “Send link to change email address” button:

To the valid email address, a message will be sent with a link which will take you to the email address change window. The message also contains a link that must be clicked. If the process of changing the email address was not initiated by the Account User, it will be blocked for 48 hours (payouts or exchange in GamerHash Store will not be possible).

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