How to mine crypto - ASICs and GPU rigs

ASICs connect form

GamerHash login by default
Address to connect with the GamerHash platform

How it works

  • you own an ASIC or
  • you have a GPU RIG and
  • you want to use our platform without downloading the application

From now on you can do it on every OS!

All you have to do is fill in the form and connect to the generated server address.

Calculate your gains

How to connect

  1. Sign up
  2. Choose your device in the connect form
  3. If it is a GPU rig, download the miner
  4. Set up proxy address, your login is also your worker's name
Attention: you can use a different miner, bear in mind though that we haven't tested all of them.
Want to know more?

Why mine with GamerHash?

Mining fee
2% RIG
1% - 2%
+ operational commission
+ exchange commission
No need to have a crypto wallet or
a DEX account
Access to
funds within
1 day
From several days
to a few weeks
Store with
digital goods
Professional support