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About GamerHash

Yes you can earn on many computers under one account.

Our system is consolidating all earned funds every day at exactly midnight of CET+1
If you mined funds which are equivalent to 0,10$ or more then they will be transferred to your wallet.

Our app uses so-called miners, which had been  published online with open source code. Unfortunately, the aforementioned miners have been used by hackers in various viruses and trojans, in order to infect the PCs of unaware users and generate income from it. The GamerHash app only generates income when YOU want it to. 

You get 90% funds that our application generates. Our commission is 10%.

Bitcoins earned with us you can only exchange for products in our store, where you find the newest games, top-ups, gift cards, premium accounts, in game credits, skins and many many more!

You can also fill out a form to withdraw BTC to your private external wallet or exchange where you can exchange funds to for example USD or PLN.

USD amount in your wallet can change depends on market price of BTC towards USD. It can go up or down. We are refreshing current BTC price every 5 minutes.

Most frequent issues

In our application, you need to click on the Benchmark section, then click on „show the report” in the lower left corner, and then click on “copy the logs”.

If this is the case, check if NetFramework and Visual C++ libraries have been installed on your computer. Next, add GamerHash to the list of exceptions in your antivirus software. Should you still have problems, drop us a line on Facebook, Zendesk or Discord.

First make sure that you are putting it right and read the guidelines. Next make sure that you are putting the code to the correct platform.

If that does not help then please contact us, we will do our best to help.

We got many requests for PIN code reset so we add manual reset in user’s panel. If you can not find an email with PIN code, you can reset it by following this steps :


Your Panel -> Settings -> click Reset PIN Code-> confirm by clicking Reset Button

Antivirus Software Tutorials

You have a problem, but found no answers? Don't hesitate to ask for help. Go to our Zendesk page, Facebook profile or Discord channel.