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How much is the commission for GamerHash

Our commission depends on how much you earn and is only up to 2%! Our system checks your earnings from the last 30 days every day and on this basis assigns a rank to you.

MAX rank – you will receive 100% of your earnings.

VIP rank – over 4 mBTC – you will receive 98% of your earnings

Master rank – up to 3.99 mBTC – you will receive 97% of your earnings.

Diamond rank – up to 2.49 mBTC – you will receive 96% of your earnings.

Platinum rank – up to 1.39 mBTC – you will receive 95% of your earnings.

Gold rank – up to 0.49 mBTC – you will receive 94% of your earnings.

Silver rank – up to 0.19 mBTC – you will receive 93% of your earnings.

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