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Generating user panel reports is a useful tool that allows you to quickly and easily gain insight into Gamerhash's digging and shopping data and statistics. User panel reports can be created in various ways, depending on your needs and goals. These can be reports on BTC withdrawals, in-store purchases or skin purchases with the ability to select the appropriate Gamerhash wallet along with the corresponding choice of time period.

To generate a user panel report, log into your account and go to the user panel. Then, click on the History tab and select the button to the right Generate Report.

Then, select the type of transaction, wallet, set the period for which the report is to be generated, and select the time frame you are interested in.

By clicking Generate, you will be notified that your report has been processed. When it is ready, we will notify you by email, and the generated report will be available for you to pick up in the Reports tab.

You can choose to download the file in two formats .CSV and .PDF. Note that you can generate up to 5 reports in one day, which you will be able to download for 30 day. After that time, they will be automatically deleted.

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