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  • The more you mine the more you earn.
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GamerHash ranks

Your rank depends on amount of mined funds in last 30 days

up to 0.19 mBTC93% for YouSILVERup to 0.49 mBTC94% for YouGOLDup to 1.39 mBTC95% for YouPLATINUMup to 2.49 mBTC96% for YouDIAMONDup to 3,99 mBTC97% for YouMASTERover 4 mBTC/RIG users98% for YouVIPfirst 30 days/ASIC users/100% for YouMAX
MAX for new users
MAX for new users

Turn on the app now - don’t miss your chance to earn more. Test drive our app for 30 consecutive days and pocket 100% of earned funds.

30 days after…
30 days after…

Now your fee depends on how often you have been using our app in the past 30 days. Remember to turn it on when you leave home, go to school or go on holidays. May the Bitcoin be with you!

The more you use GamerHash, the more you earn

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