2500 Doubloons World of Warships

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Product description

Doubloons are the Premium currency within World of Warships. Doubloons are typically purchased via select bundles within the Premium Shop. However, talented or lucky players may be able to score some by participating in Community Contests on the Forum, Social Media, or by visiting our booths at various trade shows. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities!

Doubloons serve many purposes in World of Warships:

Purchasing Premium Account time
Exchanging Doubloons for Credits
Converting Experience Points to Free XP
Training or Re-training Ship Commanders
Purchasing Consumables, Camouflage, and Premium Ships
Demounting ship Upgrades

Here's how you can redeem your code

1. Go to the Premium Shop.
2. Click on "Redeem Wargaming Code" on the top right.
3. Log into your account.
4. Enter the code in the text box and click REDEEM.
5. Check in-game to see if you received the goodies.

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