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The action in Blackguards 2  is set in the dark fantasy world of Aventuria several years after the events shown in the previous installment. A band of criminals and raiders have stopped the Nine Hordes, for which most of them have paid the highest price. The few who remain do not enjoy happy lives. Naurim the Dwarf turned to gambling causing him to lose all his money and growing a large belly, Zurburan the mage has been sold into slavery on a market for a proverbial dime, while Takate, the mercenary, has returned to the wood folk and spends his time kidnapping people and forcing them to fight to the death on special arenas.

The main protagonist of the game is a ruthless woman by the name of Cassia, who will not stop until she fulfills her ambitions. As she is aware of the famous slayers of the Nine Hordes, she decides to recruit Naurim, Zurbaran, and Takate to help her in getting to the Shark Throne and seizing control over the entire kingdom. The story campaign is set across the southern regions of Aventuria and provides a player with over 20 hours of gameplay.

Blackguards 2 revolves around turn-based battles, the rules of which are based on the modified version of mechanics known from the paper version of an RPG called The Dark Eye to fit the more dynamic battles to the nature of PC games. During a battle, a player has to utilize the surroundings and characters' unique abilities. For each victory, one is rewarded with experience points, which can be spent on developing the characters.


Minimal requirements:

Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core 

Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8600 / GT

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Disk space: 12 GB

System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8



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