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The game takes us to a fantasy city of Dirtmouth, underneath which a precipitous labirynth is located. That labirynth is said to be the remains of an ancient kingdom. It attracts all sorts of adventurers, but as soon as they enter it, they disappear without a trace. The game’s protagonist, the titular Hollow Knight, decides to face the challenge of the labirynth and, by finding its riches, gain glory. He also wants to find answers to the questions that haunt him.

Gameplay in Hollow Knight  is presented from a side-scrolling perspective. We will have to explore vast, connected locations, collect more and more powerful equipment, progress our character, and fight with the encountered enemies. Given the character of the game’s genre, accessing many locations requires the usage of a specific item or solving a puzzle. Most of the time we travel by foot, but from time to time we will ride an insectoid mount.

Many various enemies will stand in our way. Along with the regular opponents, we will have to fight with over thirty bosses. Defeating them will require us to learn their attack patterns and find their weaknesses. In combat, we will use melee weapons and magical powers. But enemies are not the only dangers that await us. The underground labirynth is filled with traps and chasms for which we have to look out if we do not want to end our adventures all too soon. But not everyone living below Dirtmouth is hostile towards our hero. We will meet many friendly NPCs who will be happy to share their knowledge with us or give us useful items, teach us new techniques, or upgrade our equipment.


Minimal requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E5200

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9800 1 GB

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Disk space: 9 GB

System: Windows 7

Source: www.gamepressure.com

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