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Product description

You’ll be able to play as one of the four people that got trapped inside this haunted hotel. As a survivor your main objective will be finding your way out, as well as helping your fellows get out too. You’ll often find yourself on the edge, hearing and seeing ghostly things, trying to find keys and items to help in your escape.
And sometimes you’ll find yourself running desperately from a monster, who’s there only to hunt down and kill you and your friends. You’ll also be able to play as the monster. You’ll assume an ethereal form, which you’ll use to haunt the survivors, triggering eerie noises and events. You’ll also assume a physical form, which will allow you to hunt and kill the survivors trapped in the hotel. It’ll be your killing spree. 

Minimal requirements:

Processor: 2.0+ GHz

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2000+

Memory: 3 GB

Disk space: 1 GB available space

System: Windows Vista

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