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Product description

The game is not limited to what was shown in the abovementioned movie and covers the events, character, and themes known from the previous installments of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The developers of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean made an effort not only to faithfully transfer various film sceneries into a “brick reality” but also the unique sense of humor and the gripping action. In the game, there are over 70 characters known from the movie series, naturally including Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann.

Similarly to other installments of the LEGO series, the gameplay of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is divided into stages. In total, the players have to beat over 20 varied levels. They are full of arcade elements and simple logic puzzles. There is no shortage of fantasy monster to slay and treasures of find, either. Each level tells of a different fragment of a film and is enriched with at least two movie cutscenes.

Most of the solutions used in Pirates of the Caribbean have their counterparts in other productions of the LEGO series. The few differences include the possibility of playing in the open world, thanks to which all locations can be visited multiple times to, for example, find hidden items, among other things. Every available character have their specific uses, meaning that their unique skills allow us to reach places unreachable to others.


Minimal requirements:

Processor: 2.7 GHz

Graphics: 256 MB

Memory: 2 GB RAM

System: Windows 7 / XP SP3

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