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A long time ago there was a planet called Mahera. It was inhabited by members of various species who lived peacefully with each other, connected by the spiritual energy called Shi. After some time the civilizations blossomed, reducing the activity of Shi, causing a terrible war to start and breaking the world into pieces. Since then, all the races live separately on islands floating in the air. The player assumes the role of Chado who together with his friend Poky crashes on one of the islands. The protagonists were unlucky and crashed in a dangerous place called Adorn. In addition to that, soon the fate of the world started to depend on their actions. Luckily, after some time other heroes join them and help in completing the dangerous mission.

While playing Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom  the player will visit various realms where he will have main and side quests to complete. The developers allowed the player to complete them in various ways. For example, in order to obtain an item located in a cave protected by thugs, the player can kill all opponents and collect the item or sneak up there and steal it. He can also speak with the leader of the group who might decide to sell the item. Real-time combat is an important part of the gameplay. During the battles the action takes place on a special arena where the player uses magic and his fists against the opponent (which looks similar to a typical, simple fighting game). The duels are played one on one and the companions cannot enter the arena. It doesn’t mean they stand idly – they attack the opponent from distance. The enemies do the same to the player.

Minimal requirements:

Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 / AMD FX-8320

Graphics: 1 GB, AMD Radeon HD 6950 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560

Memory: 4 GB

Disk space: 15 GB

System: Windows 7 64Bit

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