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For the first time in the history of the series, SimCity 4 offers the ability to customize the life of the individual citizens inhabiting our metropolis. We can take a look at the daily life of the given district or street, learn more about the problems or the direction the city is taking, as well as view the citizens’ rating of the governing body (i.e. the player). Finally, the players can import their The Sims characters and settle them in the city.

In comparison with the previous installments of the series, Sim City 4 offers a number of new features, including new terraforming tools, as well as active civil services which respond to the emergencies in the city. Each metropolis consists of hundreds of detailed objects and polished animations (e.g. moving pedestrians, vehicles, smoke) including new additions in form of reworked civic buildings. For the first time in the history of the series, the authors introduced a day and night cycle. Aside from the above, we’ve received access a notice system that helps us govern the city and respond or avert numerous catastrophes (including volcano eruptions, earthquakes, or riots) that may haunt our metropolis.


Minimal requirements:

Processor: Pentium III / Athlon MP

Graphics: GeForce 7100 / Radeon Xpress 1200

Memory: 256 MB

Disk space: 1 GB

System: Windows XP

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