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SOMA is a sci-fi horror game from Frictional Games, the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It is an unsettling story about identity, consciousness, and what it means to be human. The radio is dead, food is running out, and the machines have started to think they are people. Underwater facility PATHOS-II has suffered an intolerable isolation and we’re going to have to make some tough decisions. What can be done? What makes sense? What is left to fight for?


Minimal requirements: 

Processor: 2.0GHz Core i3-2115C / APU A6-7400K Dual-Core

Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 / 1024MB Radeon HD 5850

Memory: 4 GB

Disk space: 25 GB

System: Windows 7 64Bit

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