The Darkness II

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Again, the player takes on the role of Jackie Estacado here, The charismatic protagonist returns after two years as the Godfather of the Franchetti crime family. His life however, is not a joyful one – memories of the past will not let him live like anyone else; as for the ominous power still lying within the protagonist, it only makes matters worse.

It turns out that the attack on Jackie and the other members of his family initiated a large-scope gang war. What is more, a third-party group stands behind the attack, which is the so-called Brotherhood, led by the mysterious and powerful Victor Volante. The organization wishes to take control over the titular Darkness, which is the unpredictable power Jackie Estacado has carried.

Thus Jackie fights his enemies with several types of firearms, but he also makes use of special powers, such as demonic arms causing chaos in the ranks of the opposition. While one arm is capable of cutting through objects and enemies, different items can be grabbed with the other. In such a way, the protagonist uses four "extremities" at a time - the creators of the game call this "quad wielding".


Minimal requirements:

Processor: Intel Core 2 2GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+

Graphics: 256 MB VRAM - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / ATI Radeon HD 2600

Memory: 1.5 GB RAM

Disk space: 10 GB HD

System: Windows XP / Vista / 7

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