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Travel the stunningly beautiful island of Yamatai in this latest reboot of the Tomb Raider series. Play as young Lara Croft and see the events that shaped her to be the legendary video game heroine we all know. Discover the secret of the island and save yourself and your crew from the crazed inhabitants.Follow Lara on her long way through lush forests, bright mountains, snow-coverede peaks, rusty shantytowns, deep caves, and ancient tombs lit by torches and bathed in their warm glow. Wherever you choose to go, the locations are full of details, ripe with history, and bolstering the sense of adventure. Thanks to an unstable weather of the island, the player will witness and play through adverse weather, from storms to blizzards and fog thick as milk as you stalk enemies within it.

Minimal requirements:

System : Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

Processor: Intel Core i3-2110

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 / AMD Radeon HD 7770

Memory: 6 GB

Disk space: 30 GB

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