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Sign in using QR codes

With QR code login, you can quickly and securely log in to the GamerHash mobile app without entering your login and full password.

To log in using a QR code, first download the GamerHash mobile app available for Android and iOS phones.

After downloading the app, press the "Sign in" button.

Next, instead of logging in via email address, select the "Use QR code" option. The app will ask for access to the camera, which you need to accept.

The next step is to scan the QR code, which is located in the user panel on under the Your devices tab. 

Once scanned, you will need to assign a unique code that will allow you to quickly log in to the app without having to enter your full password or re-scan the QR code.

Additionally, there is a facial scan login option for users.

In the panel below, information about all your connected devices is available. You can manage them and delete outdated devices. 

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