GamerHash is not a virus

The GamerHash app is 100% safe for your PC. Then why do popular antiviruses warn you after launching it for the first time?
Let us explain.


Our app uses so-called miners (main income generating element of the app), which had been created by programmers and published online with open source code (available to be viewed   and used by anyone).


Unfortunately, the aforementioned miners have been used by hackers in various viruses and trojans, in order to infect the PCs of unaware users and generate income from it.


New viruses/trojans are created each day, because it is a lucrative business for hackers. It is of course illegal, and it is constantly reported to antivirus companies, who add virus files (including miners) to their black lists to make it harder for criminals to make money.


You have ultimate control

The GamerHash app only generates income when you want it to. It is not secretly working in the background, or overclocking your GPU/CPU. We carefully analyzed the source code of our miners, so you can be sure that you are not downloading any unwanted, harmful software.

Check the 100% safety of our application.
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You don’t trust us?

Feel free to contact our community on Discord They use our application every day!

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We will make sure that the miners are safe and make profit only for you.

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