is not a scam

We know that it might be unbelievable, that your computer is capable of making a couple of hundred PLN for you each month, but it’s true!

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How is it possible?
We use the processing power of your computer, which we convert into cryptocurrencies, or receive remuneration for them from our partners. Check how much you can earn.
From what we manage to earn, we transfer 90% to you, and keep the remaining 10% as a commission. The amount of our commission depends on how much you earn, so you can be sure that we work to make your profits as high as possible!
The funds are transferred to your GameHash wallet everyday by 12 a.m., providing that you exceed the threshold of 0.001 mBTC, which amounts to $0.64. You can instantly exchange them for 300+ prizes at our shop!
The collected funds can also be withdrawn in form of Bitcoins, to your personal wallet or your exchange wallet, which makes it possible for you to exchange them for EUROS or dollars. The withdrawal threshold amounts to 0.1 mBTC equals to $64.29

We have already won confidence and trust of 780000 users!

You don’t believe? Join our Discord and ask our community whether joining us is worth it.

Our application is 100% safe,
it does not contain any Trojan horses
or viruses!

Not scam