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User password

The Account password is its primary security, so it should meet the conditions of a strong password, namely it should:

  • consist of at least eight characters,
  • contain letters and numbers,
  • contain lowercase and uppercase letters,
  • contain special characters.

GamerHash indicates the strength of the password with a green progress bar and whether it is long enough or contains the appropriate number of different characters.

Make sure your password is secure:

  • do not save it in a file available on your computer or in the cloud,
  • do not share your login details and password with others to avoid unauthorized activity on your Account,
  • avoid including in the password data that third parties may know or easily find out e.g., date of birth, your first name, etc.

In a situation where the User cannot sign in with the password (e.g., he/she does not remember it), it is possible to recover the Account by resetting the password. To perform this process, you must have access to the email for which GameHash account has been registered.

The User has a pool of five password attempts. When it is used (password or login is entered incorrectly five times), signing in to the Account will be blocked for 900 seconds.

Note: If you lose access to the email box for which the Account has been set up, it is not possible to reset the password.


Password reset

To reset your password, click “Reset Password” link.

In the window that will appear, enter the email address to which the Account has been registered. In reply, an email message with a link will be sent. Click the link and set a new password in the window that will appear.

If you do not find messages from GamerHash in your inbox, please check your Spam, Offers or Notifications folder. If you have another mailbox than Gmail the arrival time may take longer. If the message does not arrive please contact support.

Note! A new password cannot be the same as the old password.

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