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Gamerhash's Wallets

When setting up the GamerHash Account you get access to three different wallets that will be used to accumulate earned funds. Each of them is assigned to a different cryptocurrency or currency that you can earn thanks to GamerHash.


Viewing all wallets is available after signing in to your Account from GamerHash home page:


or in the User Panel under Wallets tab. The below view is detailed and includes the transaction history for each Wallet:


Bitcoin (BTC)

The primary cryptocurrency you earn from computing power of your computer is Bitcoin (BTC). Due to the value of 1 BTC (one Bitcoin), the amount of the cryptocurrency you own is given in mBTC, or miliBitcoin, which is 0.001 BTC.


In the User Panel, the Wallet is displayed as the second item. The main view shows the amount of available funds – mBTC (0.001 BTC) – can be used in GamerHash Store or transferred to an external wallet and pending funds i.e., funds that have not yet been added to the Wallet because the payout limit has not yet been reached.


A detailed view of the Wallet is available after going to the Wallet menu and clicking “History”:


The list of transactions in the Wallet is presented as a list of payments (marked in green) and payouts (marked in red). Under the dedicated tabs “Payouts”, “Purchases” and “Mining”, the User can view the history of transactions in the Wallet as per their source.


GamerCoin (GHX)

GamerCoin (GHX) – it is a token that serves as the basis for transactions in the ecosystem of GamerHash. It supports miners as an add-on when mining cryptocurrencies in the GamerHash application and is a reward for completing quests in Play&Earn module. In the future, the token will provide access to special events in the ecosystem and will allow participation in the NFT market.


GamerCoin (GHX) has many uses on GamerHash platform:

  • It is a currency on GamerHash Store with over 600 products.
  • It gives access to dedicated competitions/events for GHX owners.
  • It is an add-on that is awarded through daily bonuses when mining cryptocurrencies in GamerHash application.


GamerHash USD (GUSD)

GUSD is a virtual currency of GamerHash. It is used for settlements of quests in Play&Earn and purchases in GamerHash Store. The value of the currency is equal to the value of the US dollar. GUSD is not externally solvent, at the moment it can only be used for exchange on GamerHash Store.

It is displayed as the first item in the User Panel. The main view shows the amount of available funds – GUSD – that can be used in GamerHash Store.

The view is available in the User Panel.


A detailed view of the Wallet is available when you go to Wallet menu and click “History”:

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