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User’s rank

One of the ranks below is assigned to each User using GamerHash and it depends on what commission is charged on the earnings from mining cryptocurrencies. 

The rank is awarded to the User on the basis of the amount of Bitcoin mined in the preceding 30 days.

The table below shows the monthly mining thresholds expressed in mBTC (milliBitcoin) needed to achieve each Rank and the commission charged by GamerHash (expressed in % of mined funds).

RankCommissionMining per month
Silver7%up to 0.19 mBTC
Gold6%up to 0.49 mBTC
Platinum5%up to 1.39 mBTC
Diamond4%up to 2.49 mBTC
Master3%up to 3.99 mBTC
VIP2%over 4 mBTC

The list of Ranks and commissions coupled with them is available on the website:

The current Rank of the User signed-in is given in the drop-down menu after hovering the mouse over the avatar in the upper right corner of the main page.

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