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Bitcoin withdrawal to an external wallet

Important: If you send BTC (Bitcoin) to a Binance address, the transaction fee will not be charged.

A payout should be initiated by clicking on the drop-down menu in a given wallet and selecting “Send”.

In the window that appears, there is an option to choose GamerHash wallet from which a payout will be made. Then, enter the following data:

  • The wallet address to which a payout will be sent,
  • Payout amount. This can be entered in the selected cryptocurrency or in USD and the system will automatically calculate it.

Please be aware of the minimum amounts that can be paid out. If the entered amount does not meet this requirement, an appropriate message will be displayed.


After entering all the data, the final amount to be sent to the indicated wallet (less the commission) will be displayed.

When you click “List of addresses” button, you open the window where you can define addresses to which future payouts will be made:


Remember that the address provided should be appropriate for the cryptocurrency being paid out, so for Bitcoin it should be a Bitcoin wallet.

Important: Payouts to an external wallet can only be made to an account that has two-factor verification (2FA) enabled.

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