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Quests are categorized in four tabs: Available, In Progress, Completed and Not Completed.


  • Available is a list of quests that the User can download and start executing them. The visibility of quests in this tab depends on the country in which the User lives. Quest providers target their campaigns to specific regions of the world, so quests should be executed without a VPN enabled. Executing quests with VPN enabled may not be settled. Quests are directed to new players. If the User has played a given game before, a quest may not be settled.
  • In Progress is a list of quests downloaded by the User who is in the process of their execution. A quest remains in In Progress category for 30 days after the quest is downloaded from Available list.
  • Completed is a tab where all quests that the User has correctly executed are collected.
  • Not Completed is a list of quests that have not been executed by the User within the stipulated time or have been suspended by GamerHash or the quest provider.

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