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Apart from additional earnings, Play&Earn allows the User to learn about a new game. Most Available quests are games that are dedicated to specific platforms; therefore each quest is marked with a platform icon on which the User will be able to execute them.


Below the list of quests, there are buttons that allow you to display quests for a specific platform.

Web browser
Personal computer (Windows system)
Android mobile device
IOS mobile device

Games available as quests to be executed in Play&Earn system come from GamerHash partners. For a quest to be performed correctly and a reward to be paid, the User must meet all the terms and conditions specified in quest objectives and its description.

If a reward for completing a quest has not reached GamerHash within 72 working hours, please check again that all objectives for a quest have been met. If all objectives have been achieved and a reward has not been transferred to GamerHash wallet after 72 hours, contact GamerHash team by sending an email message to [email protected] or report a problem via Contact Form.


The time to execute a quest is 30 days, provided that a quest description does not state otherwise.

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